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Pop - Up Restaurants 

Residents of Montauk and Hamptons and travelers looking for a new foodie experience in the East End will be pleased to hear that Gurneys Resorts is set to launch a pop-up sushi restaurant. Our sushi master and his team will provide guests with an intimate and traditional omakase experience at the resort running for a limited time through September 30.

This culinary experience will take place within a specially designed space at Gurneys Resorts, which has been transformed for this one-off occasion. The pop-up restaurant will comprise of a bespoke sushi bar with seating for 12. The 12-course omakase menu, translating as "chef’s choice," highlights top selections from Chef's 20-year career. 



12 Course Gurnye's Omakase Menu - $120 per person 

(by reservations only)

8 Course Gurney's Omakase Menu - $80 per person 

(by reservations only)


Black Garlic Glazed Edamame - $10

Sea Salt Edamame - $8

Chirashi Bowl

Choice of Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Shrimp)

Choice of Rice (Brown or White) 


Dancing Hand Roll (5 pieces)

Negi Toro - $20

Spicy Blufin Tuna - $19

Spicy Salmon - $16

Maki Rolls (6 pieces)

YellowTail Jalapeno - $13 

YellowTail Scallion - $13 

Eel Cucumber - $16 

California - $15

Salmon Avocado - $15

Shrimp Tempura - $15

Special Rolls 

Gurney's Special Rolls - $22

Dragon Roll - $20

Zen Roll - $18

Kimono Roll - $18

Katana Roll - $16 

Gurney's Special

Torched American Wagyu Sashimi Over Rice - $12

Torched Japanese Grade A5 Wagyu Over Rice - $18

Robata Grill American Wagyu - $38

Robata Grill Japanese Grade A 5 Wagyu - $45

Add Extra 

Add Black Caviar - $30

Add Maine Uni - $10

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